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Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Program is a Medicaid-based program helps people with significant disabilities obtain assistance with personal care and daily activities to live independently and maintain their independence by allowing them to hire a Personal Care Attendant of their choosing (their PCA).

  • In this program, the person with the disability is referred to as a Consumer rather than a “client” or a “patient”. A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) does not “take care of” a Consumer, rather they assist the Consumer to live independently.


  • A personal care attendant assists you with things that you are physically unable to do yourself. A PCA also helps you do things that would take you an exceptionally long time to do on your own. The help that a PCA provides enables you to live more independently and pursue activities such as school or work. The duties of the PCA vary, depending on your need for physical assistance with activities of daily living, the nature of your disability, your living arrangement, and your daily schedule. Personal care attendant assistance could include meal preparation, cleaning, person hygiene or other tasks determined by each consumer’s Plan of Care (POC).


  • With the assistance of All Services staff CDS program participants are trained to hire Personal Care Attendants (PCA). As a CDS program Consumer, you are the employer and are responsible for hiring, training, scheduling (and if necessary) firing your PCA(s).

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