Get Financial Help for Caring for Your Elderly Parents & Disabled Loved Ones

Taking care of an aging or disabled loved one can be difficult. This is especially true if you must watch your parent’s or former caregiver’s health decline. Families often step up and care for their disabled loved ones with daily tasks like dressing, eating, hygiene care, and toileting assistance. For many, the transition to the caretaker of those loved ones who used to care for them can be physically, emotionally, and all too often financially challenging. All too often, the adult children who find themselves in this caretaker role are in the sandwich generation. This means they must divide their attention between caring for both their aging or disabled loved ones and caring for their young children still living at home.

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Unfortunately, no matter how much we love and care for our aging and disabled loved ones, it does not erase the financial strain that accompanies caring for them. Bills must be paid, and the most finite resource of time is often consumed with the care that families need to provide. Which can make leaving for work not only overwhelming but difficult, and in some circumstances, impossible to undertake.

If this describes yours or a loved one’s situation, then please allow the healthcare team at All Services Home Healthcare (ASHH) to help you. We can provide you with excellent service, and our Financial Management Service team can even help you navigate the complex healthcare systems like Medicaid, Medicare, and other services.


Get Financial Assistance to Care for Your Aging or Disabled Loved One

Are you worried about your disabled loved ones when you go to work? Did you have to leave your job or cut back on your hours at work so that you could take care of your aging parent? Are you struggling financially under the strain of caring for loved ones with a disability and trying to get enough hours at work? If your disabled loved one is on Medicaid, Medicare, or a similar beneficiary program, you may qualify to receive financial compensation for the care you provide.

To help disabled citizens receive the care that they need, the US Government has initiated several programs to empower them to receive the treatment they need. The Frail Elderly Waiver, the Senior Care Act Program, Medicaid Self-Directed Care Program, the Aid and Attendance Veteran Assistance Program, Consumer Directed Services, and Long Term Care Insurance are just some of the programs that the government provides to help disabled and elderly receive the support they need in their daily lives. With these programs’ financial assistance, eligible family members and friends can be financially compensated for the care they provide.


ASHH Financial Management Services Empowers You to Get the Help You Need

The financial support that these government assistance programs provide can be vital in helping a family or individual get the care that they need. However, the paperwork and filing process to even get involved in these programs can be complicated, time consuming, and extremely difficult to navigate. That is why at ASHH we offer Financial Management Services for our clients. Our Financial Services Team at ASHH strives to empower our clients to get the financial assistance they need to receive the healthcare assistance that is right for them. We want to help disabled individuals and their loved ones have the home healthcare they need without the added financial stress. Our Financial Management Services will also handle all our clients’ billing for services rendered for your loved ones. This will allow our clients and their loved ones the ability to focus on essential matters like who they hire and what kind of care they receive.


All Services Home Healthcare Provides Consistency, Care, and Peace of Mind

All Services Home Healthcare offers a broad range of services and programs to assist our elderly and disabled clients in the comfort of their own homes! To serve our clients better, we have conveniently located offices in Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, and Wichita. Allow the professional, qualified in-home healthcare caregivers at ASHH to provide you and your loved ones the dignity and relief they deserve from the comfort of their own homes!

If you or your loved one are interested in Financial Management Services to help you get assistance, please contact us so we can initiate your onboarding process.

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