Homemaker In-Home Care
& Wellness Services

Homemaker services are activities that provide home management and assistance  combined with daily living activities or a regular basis. Each of our clients are different and a client may have many needs that require assistance in order to remain at home.

Our caregivers are trained in all aspect of in-home healthcare and are and ready to make their life easier and manageable, but this is just a small list of what our team can do.

The services listed below are part of our basic in-home healthcare plan:

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1. Plan and Prepare Meals, Including
    Special Diet Needs

9. Wash All of the Patients
    Clothes & Linens

2. Clean Up After Meals and
     similar activities

10. Iron and Mend the
      Patients Clothes

3. Wash Dishes and
    Other Kitchen Utensils

11. Wash Inside Windows, Clean
      Blinds within reach

4. Clean Counters, Cabinets,
    Appliances, Oven, Stove, & Fridge

12. Shop For: Groceries,
      Cleaning Supplies, Etc.

5. Clean Bathrooms and
     similar Fixtures

13. Bag All House Trash and Put
      Out for Pickup

6. Make Beds and
    Change Sheets

14. Run Essential Errands:
      Get Meds, Post Mail, Etc.

7. Sweep, Vacuum, and
    Scrub Floors

15. Read/Write for Clients for
      Certain Communication

8. Tidy & Dust the Entirety
    of the Home

16. Help Clients to Perform
      Household tasks on their own

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