We Offer In-Home Healthcare for Individuals Living with Vision Loss

Are you seeking in-home care for a blind loved one? Are you struggling to find the proper level of care for your elderly or disabled friend or family member with gradual or sudden vision loss? You’re not alone. Many individuals and families across the country are affected by blindness, and other forms of vision loss. In fact, according to the CDC, over 7 million people across the United States suffer from some form of vision loss or blindness. (Prevention, 2023)

Properly caring for a friend or family member with blindness or loss of vision is a difficult task.

At All Services Home Healthcare, we specialize in providing those in need with top-rated in-home healthcare and support. Our team of top-rated pre-screened in-home healthcare providers have the medical knowledge and in-home experience to ensure that your elderly or disabled loved one is cared for correctly.

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Understanding Vision Loss

Vision loss can range in severity from partial to complete blindness and can be the cause of several factors such as severe trauma, medical conditions like glaucoma, severe internal eye infection (endophthalmitis), or vascular occlusion (stroke in the eye), or a birth defect. Understanding what caused your clients condition can help you relate to them on how they have been affected by it physically and emotionally. Our in-home caregivers use this information and knowledge of the illness to provide them with the best possible in-home healthcare care based on their individual needs and requirements to make day to day tasks a breeze.

Understanding the physical and emotional toll of vision loss is crucial.

People with visual impairments may experience feelings of isolation, frustration, and dependency. In-home care providers like ASHH play a crucial role in the daily well-being of individuals with vision loss or total blindness. We help to improve the overall quality of life for the visually impaired and help to ensure that loved ones’ physical and emotional needs are being met on a consistent basis.


How ASHH Provides In-Home Healthcare for the Visually Impaired

If a disabled or elderly loved one is blind or experiencing vision loss, ASHH is here to help. We provide personalized in-home care. Each individual plan is designed to ensure that needs are met, and the highest level of care is achieved.

ASHH Creates a Safe Environment for Vision Loss and Blindness

Safety is key when caring for someone with vision loss or blindness. Those who are blind or are suffering from vision loss are at a much higher risk for injury within the home.

Here are some of the ways ASHH can ensure your loved one is safe within the home:

  • • The Removal of Hazardous Obstacles
    • Install Safety Features
    • Install Tactile Aids
    • Daily Organization

ASHH In-Home Care Promotes Independence

Independence is critical to the well-being and happiness of individuals with vision loss or blindness. Encouraging your loved one to do as much as possible on their own helps build confidence and improves their quality of life.

Here are some of the ways that we promote independence at ASHH:

  • Adaptive Tools
  • Routine and Familiarity
  • Mobility Training

ASHH Not Only Provides Physical Care but Emotional Support as Well

Emotional support is essential when caring for someone with vision loss or blindness.

Here are some ways we provide emotional support to our in-home care patients with vision loss or blindness:

• Active Listening
• Social Connections
• Encourage Hobbies

At ASHH, we work hand in hand with the decision-makers for each individual we provide in-home care for.

We provide daily reports to friends and family members on the well-being of their disabled or elderly loved ones. We carefully monitor each individual’s overall health and track their wellness goals so that each family can stay actively engaged in their loved one’s daily health.


If You’re a Kansas or Missouri Resident, You May Be Eligible for Financial and Medical Assistance

Follow the links below to determine if you’re eligible for the Kansas or Missouri state-funded medical and financial aid programs.

At All Services Home Healthcare, we can help you determine if you’re eligible for Kansas or Missouri financial and medical assistance, file paperwork, and navigate these complicated state benefits.

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We make it easy for Kansas & Missouri residents to get the vision loss care they need. We offer a broad range of services and programs to assist our elderly and disabled clients in the comfort of their own homes!

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Allow the professional, qualified in-home healthcare caregivers at ASHH to provide you and your loved ones the dignity and relief they deserve from the comfort of their own homes. We look forward to helping you! Fill out the contact form below for additional questions or information.

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