Are You Struggling to Find In-Home Medical Care for You’re a Loved One

Are you struggling to find medical care for a loved one that requires in-home care? Are you finding it challenging to navigate the application process? Are you unsure of your loved one’s eligibility? Are you looking for financial aid?

If so, you are not alone. Over 500,000 Kansans are beneficiaries of KanCare and the Kansas managed care organizations. These state-run programs allow children, pregnant women, parents, caregivers, seniors, and disabled individuals to receive the necessary care.

These state-funded programs are great for families or individuals who are eligible and may be struggling financially to receive the care they need. However, the application or enrollment process can be overwhelming.

This is where All Service Home Healthcare can assist you and your family as you seek out the right program for your elderly or disabled loved ones. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable in-home healthcare experts will work with you every step to ensure that your loved one receives the proper assistance from KanCare and Kansas Managed Care Organizations.

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What is KanCare?

On average, 360,000 Kansans (Health, n.d.) benefit from state-funded health services each month. One of the leading programs we partner with is KanCare and Kansas Managed Organizations.

KanCare is the State of Kansas’ Medicaid program overseen by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. Through KanCare, health services can be purchased through a managed care or fee-for-service model.

KanCare is the State of Kansas’s Managed Care Program.

KanCare is provided to all Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) consumers. The state of Kansas has contracted with three health plans, or managed care organizations (MCOs), to better coordinate health care for all eligible beneficiaries.

Below Are the Kansas Managed Care Organizations that Fall Under KanCare:

  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kansas (United)
  • Sunflower State Health Plan (Sunflower)
  • Aetna Better Health of Kansas (Aetna)

At ASHH, we work closely with these Managed Care Organizations so we can help you every step of the way when it comes time to enroll in the program that is right for you.


How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Kansas Managed Care Organizations

Below is a list of qualified candidates for KanCare and Kansas Managed Care Organizations:

  • Children: The state of Kansas offers health coverage through KanCare to qualifying children under the age of 19. KanCare is available to children who qualify for either Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  • Parents & Caregivers: KanCare is available to adult, non-disabled, non-elderly parents or caregivers of children younger than 19. Benefits and coverage are the same as those for children in KanCare. Enrollment for adults is limited to those who meet Medicaid eligibility guidelines.
  • Seniors & Disabled: Health coverage and long-term care for people aged 65 and over and individuals with disabilities is available through KanCare.


ASHH Can Help You Navigate Kansas Managed Care Organizations

All Services Home Health is here to help you and your loved ones get the state-funded care they deserve.

Call or schedule a consultation online, our dedicated team of health care experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you and your family through the confusing world of healthcare and state administered programs.

If you think you or your loved ones are eligible for KanCare and Kansas Managed Care Organizations but you don’t know where to start ASHH can help.

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Allow the professional, qualified in-home healthcare caregivers at ASHH to provide you and your loved ones the dignity and relief they deserve from the comfort of their own homes!

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